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Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity is a business program that encourages the use of diverse-owned vendors, including women-owned businesses, as suppliers to corporations and governments.

Why is Supplier Diversity important?

Despite the fact that Canadian women entrepreneurs are starting businesses at twice the rate of men, women-owned businesses are greatly under-represented in procurement contracts.

Women are involved in 80% of purchasing decisions, yet, globally, comprise less than 1% of suppliers to corporations and governments.  Not only is the growth of women-owned businesses inhibited but corporations are missing out on the innovative approach taken by women-owned businesses and the quality products and services that they provide to the marketplace.

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Women make 80 percent of purchasing decisions
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80 percent of multinational corporations have supplier diversity programs
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 Women-owned Businesses  Corporations Better Business 
  • Access to large contract opportunities
  • Create business-to-business partnerships
  • Gain marketing edge
  • Accelerate business growth and development
  • Reduce operating costs and increase profit
  • Drive innovation with a more inclusive vendor network
  • Enhance brand
  • Win loyal customers with spending power
  • Corporations gain value and innovation
  • Women-owned businesses grow more rapidly
  • National productivity and GDP increase

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