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About our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are extremely important to the success of NLOWE. Ambassadors are members in good standing that are knowledgeable about the benefits of being a NLOWE member, and are well versed in the programs, services and events that we offer.   

Role of an NLOWE Ambassador
Ambassadors support the work of the NLOWE, for one year (with an option to renew), by:
  • Promoting NLOWE in the community and throughout the province;
  • Welcoming members and making them feel comfortable at NLOWE events;
  • Make welcoming phone calls to new members on behalf of NLOWE membership;
  • Contact under-engaged members to encourage greater participation with NLOWE;
  • Encouraging new members to become involve in NLOWE programs;
  • Ensuring that the NLOWE is meeting the new members’ individual needs;
  • Attending training, networking, and other events as may be required; and,
  • Attending quarterly Ambassador meetings (online).    
Benefits of being an Ambassador
Becoming an Ambassador provides a unique opportunity to be in the spotlight. Ambassadors gain business exposure by being the first to meet new NLOWE members, putting their business’ name in the forefront of our membership. By volunteering at NLOWE events your business is always involved and kept current on what is going on within the community.
  • Increased promotion for you and your business, including exposure on nlowe.org including name, business, web link, and picture.
  • Added connections through increased networking opportunities
  • Opportunity to connect one-on-one with new and existing NLOWE members
  • Referral opportunities through one-on-one contact with members
  • Potential media coverage from attendance at NLOWE events
  • Gain an insider’s perspective of the local business community
  • Grow your community profile, and meet local business and community leaders by attending marque NLOWE events.
  • Feel good about helping to build a stronger, more vibrant network of businesswomen in NL. 
Commitment of an Ambassador:
  • Make monthly welcome/engagement calls
  • Attend one event per month (if offered in your community)
  • Stay informed of NLOWE programs, services & events
  • Ensure membership is in good standing   

How do I become a NLOWE Ambassador?
If you have been an NLOWE member in good standing for at least one year and want to make new contacts, help other women business owners gain business exposure, while sharing the benefits and excitement of NLOWE membership, it’s easy to become an Ambassador!

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