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Women's Economic Forum

The Women's Economic Forum, presented by NLOWE, will bring together provincial stakeholders for in-depth and focused discussions to identify barriers and potential opportunities for women to positively impact and strengthen the Newfoundland & Labrador and Canadian economies. Specifically, the focus will be on growing women entrepreneurs and women in senior leadership.

In collaboration with a collective of community and government partners, NLOWE will host a series of economic forums across Newfoundland & Labrador.

These regional dialogues will explore both the challenges and successes of women advancing in business and leadership roles, as well as the conditions that are key in supporting women's leadership.

These discussions will result in actionable recommendations for government, businesses, and individuals to increase the economic growth and impact of women. The results will be detailed in an action plan.

Make Your Voice Heard!

The greatest solutions are drawn from diverse perspectives.

We are looking for leaders, influencers, and individuals interested in shaping the future of our economy. This includes but is not limited to government representatives, community leaders, and women business owners.

If you are interested in participating in this unique collaborative dialogue, check for an upcoming economic forum in your region.

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