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For Corporations

Would you like to drive up quality, drive down costs and gain an edge over your competitors?

We are here to help you!

Corporations are now realizing that in order to be competitive, their supplier base should reflect the growing diversity of the Canadian marketplace. By implementing a supplier diversity program, you can drive value and innovation through the development of a more inclusive vendor network.

We can assist you with your supplier diversity efforts, in the following ways:

Documents Resources
Provide guidance on the development and implementation of your supplier diversity program and increase awareness about your procurement requirements
Connections Connections
Facilitate connections to potential women-owned diverse suppliers including providing access to our vendor database.
Supplier Development
Assist women to start businesses that offer in-demand products or services for your industry and help women-owned businesses access and prepare for procurement opportunities.

Did you know?

  • NL Government requires proponents of large natural resource projects to develop Gender Equity and Diversity Plans (GEDP) as a condition of release from environmental assessment processes. Starting with the signing of the Hebron Project's GEDP in 2011, business access strategies are now required in all GEDPs. Sub-contractors to these projects may also be required to comply with these conditions.
  • Over 80% of multinational corporations now require supplier diversity efforts for their tier one and tier two suppliers, a business practice that is going global and setting new benchmarks for measuring diversity within the supply chain contracts that are awarded.
  • Diverse supply chains drive value and innovation by increasing the number of suppliers in the marketplace and thereby driving down costs.
  • Corporations can create a competitive edge by sourcing a dynamic network of growth-oriented women business owners, many with products and services that can fill unexploited needs in the oil and gas industry.
  • Corporations are showcasing their commitment to corporate responsibility by seizing the chance to be a part of the groundbreaking initiative and playing an integral role in developing best practices that will make Canada a role model for the world. 

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