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Leadership Matters specializes in leadership life-cycle solutions. We work with you to create fully customized solutions that are unique to your needs. We ensure your leadership strategy is executed and sustained to guarantee long-term success.

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Business Name NL ISO & Management Mentor Ltd.
First Name Esraa
Last Name AbouAmin
City or Town St. John's
Business Phone +1 (709) 770-5383
Products / Services business-and-professional-services
Business Description
NL ISO & Management Mentor Limited (NISOM), is an incorporate management consulting organization, based in St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Offering an extensive suit of professional and certified ISO/management coaching and consulting services quickly and cost effectively to organizations of all nature and size. Providing solutions that change the way people work and organizations do business that enable companies to be more efficient, competitive and International Recognition.

NISOM provides one of the most comprehensive suites of Auditing, consulting & training services in the fields of Process and project Management, Quality Management, Occupational health &safety Management, Environmental Management, Marketing Management, Human Resources and ethical Management & Strategic Management to the organizations across all the industry verticals for building a progressive and a profitable organization by creating a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

Business Name FP Gushue and Associates Inc
First Name Florence
Last Name Gushue
City or Town Deer Lake
Business Phone ***-***-****
Products / Services other
Business Description
Food Safety, organic and sustainable company. Deliverables are training, consulting and auditing for various audit schemes, certification bodies.
Business Name BeCompassionateNLInc
First Name Frances
Last Name Scully
City or Town St. John's
Business Phone +1 (709) 753-3517
Products / Services other
Business Description
During these stormy times, I welcome all members of NLOWE to join with me to cultivate compassion and kindness for ourselves, our loved ones, others, including people we find difficult and for all the precious non -human life around us , that now so desperately needs our care. Please consider signing up for the Stanford University created 8-week course in Compassion Cultivation Training meditation starting on Thursday January 27, 2022, from 19.00-21.00 . Please join my free BeCompassionateNl.Inc mighty network. Here is link for this. Our Mother the Earth is crying out for our attention and love. As we face the tragedy of the Sixth Extinction and our climate emergency let us all turn cherish, defend, honour, learn from and love and protect our infinitely precious Land Protectors, Indigenous Elders and all their allies, let’s each of us l encourage and nurture each other as we learn to focus on the Four Rs of “ indigeneity” as taught by LaDonna Harris, the Commanche social activist. Let us now end ecocide and cultural genocide locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Let us cultivate eudemonia rather than hedomonia. Let us cultivate Relationship, Responsibility, Reciprocity and Redistribution . Let's work together to co-create fractal flourishing for humans and non- humans to the Seventh Generation. During these stormy times let’s find the courage to walk together through the doorway of Truth and Reconciliation to find quiet coves and safe harbours.
Business Name NLOWE
First Name Gail
Last Name Woodfine
City or Town Mount Pearl
Business Phone +1 (709) 754-5555
Business Description
Your goal is to succeed in business, ours is to make sure you do!

Founded in 1997, NLOWE has been supporting and encouraging women entrepreneurs for almost two decades. Women entrepreneurs face unique challenges and opportunities; we provide the support you need to overcome challenges and take advantage of exciting opportunities as you start your venture or grow your existing business.

You can access our services free of charge, no matter where you live, because our Business Advisors are located in every region of the province and will travel to you. We stay ahead of economic trends so that we can encourage business development in key growth sectors, and we offer training opportunities to help you take advantage of changes in the economy.

NLOWE’s mandate is simple… provide programs and services that connect and support women within Newfoundland and Labrador to start, grow and advance their businesses.


Business Name Locke's Electrical Limited
First Name Gertrude
Last Name Bradbury
City or Town Corner Brook
Business Phone +1 (709) 639-8951
Business Description
Locke’s is a well recognized and regarded name in the construction industry in Newfoundland and Labrador. With more than seventy years of construction experience, we operate with the highest level of quality, safety and technical expertise, integrating with customers and supporting local communities. We are the oldest & most experienced high voltage electrical contracting firm in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador. Over the past seven decades, we have developed a reputation in the electrical and civil sectors as a company that executes complex projects within very tight pressing timelines and remote locations. Our field performance, proven expertise and dependability in the industry has elevated the company into the high performing organization it is today.
Locke’s continues to evolve and grow by expanding our disciplines, including in recent years civil and equipment divisions. With offices in Corner Brook, Labrador City and Southern Harbour, Locke’s has full provincial coverage and has recently expanded into Atlantic Canada executing contracts for New Brunswick Power and Emera (Nova Scotia).

Business Name Whelan Wellness
First Name Gill
Last Name Whelan
City or Town Paradise
Business Phone ***-***-****
Products / Services other
Business Description
Whelan Wellness Virtual Bootcamp is a fitness solution of ALL people, regardless of fitness level, age, shape, schedule or timezone

Business Name Sign Factory Glovertown
First Name Gina
Last Name Byrne
City or Town Glovertown
Business Phone +1 (709) 520-2220
Products / Services manufacturing-production-and-wholesale
Business Description
full service sign company, also specializing in corporate attire, team wear and custom giftware
Business Name Gina Keeping Coaching
First Name Gina
Last Name Keeping
City or Town St. Johns
Business Phone ***-***-****
Products / Services business-and-professional-services
Business Description
I help overwhelmed entrepreneurial women grow confidence and an unstoppable mindset all-while taking the guess work out of growing a profitable business and getting their gifts out into the world to make an impact.
Business Name Genoa Design International
First Name Gina
Last Name Pecore
Business Phone +1 (709) 368-0669
Products / Services business-and-professional-services
Business Description
Genoa Design International has been providing production design and 3D modeling services to shipbuilding and offshore industries from here in Newfoundland and Labrador since 1995. In that time, we’ve become one of the most sought-after production design firms in the North American shipbuilding market with a commitment to quality as a recent ISO 9001:2015 certified organization.
Business Name Hampton Building Systems Inc.
First Name Gina
Last Name Tapper
City or Town Paradise
Business Phone +1 (709) 747-4490
Business Description