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Request for Proposals | Video Production Services

14 Jan 2021 3:03 PM | Jennifer Brown (Administrator)

Request for Proposals

Video Production Services

NLOWE is pleased to invite qualified businesses to submit a proposal for professional services to assist in shooting, producing, and editing three (3) two-minute videos as part of NLOWE’s communication strategy. The primary objective of these videos is to highlight NLOWE, NLOWE’s membership, and NLOWE’s programs and services.

Scope of Work

1. Production

Arrange necessary camera crew and equipment;

Conduct and shoot short interviews with various NLOWE staff and NLOWE members, including:

- Staff providing an overview of NLOWE and its offerings;

- Members discussing their entrepreneurial history and the benefits of membership;

- How NLOWE has been of assistance in the entrepreneurial journey as a key theme; 

Some travel may be required.

2. Post Production

Collect footage, digitize, create shot-list and edit into three (3) two-minute finished videos with titles, graphics, and music;

Create and provide audio files or transcription of each video;

Send a rough cut of each video to NLOWE for review, comments and approval before delivery;

Purchase supplies, music right, and graphics as necessary

Deliver finished videos on a flash drive or shared drive or folder online at full resolution.

All original recorded interviews/video, purchased supplies, music rights and graphics will remain the property of NLOWE and may not be used for purposes other than that specified herein without permission.

Timeline & Reporting Requirements

RFP Submission Requirements

Interested parties are asked to submit a proposal by 4:30p.m., January 25, 2021.

Please ensure the proposal includes the following information:

  1. Description of the qualifications of the firm in relation to this project and why your organization would be well suited to provide the required services;
  2. Identification of team members, including their role and summary of experience with similar projects;
  3. Proposed project schedule;
  4. Work plan outlining the approach to be used, including tasks required of NLOWE staff;
  5. Detailed fee/expense schedule;
  6. Name and contact information for three (3) references which would support the work to be completed;
  7. Any special features, abilities or add-ons offered; and
  8. One digital copy of the proposal submitted in PDF format

Email your submission to:

Jennifer Brown, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

E: jbrown@nlowe.org

  1. By submitting a proposal for consideration, it is understood that you may be contacted by NLOWE for follow-up and more information on your submission, however; only those applicants selected for further consideration will be contacted.
  2. Selection of submission(s) will be based on the evaluation criteria, as stated. NLOWE reserves the right to make the final selection.
  3. A decision will be made by NLOWE and the successful applicant will be notified no later than February 1, 2021.
  4. Questions on submission guidelines should be directed to Jennifer Brown at jbrown@nlowe.org.

Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria and rating will be used to review and select a proposal submission:

Relevant knowledge, experience, and qualification of firm and team members (20).

Proposed methodology and work plan to be used in the process (25).

Understanding of the project and overall completeness of submission (25).

Proposed project costs and fee schedule (25).

Download the full RFP here.

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