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NLOWE Announces new Supplier Diversity NL Initiative

04 Jun 2015 12:29 PM | Anonymous

NLOWE announced the new Supplier Diversity NL initiative that will provide opportunities and benefits for both corporations and women-owned business within the province.

Supplier Diversity is a business program that encourages the use of diverse-owned vendors, including women-owned businesses, as suppliers to corporations and governments.

“At Supplier Diversity NL, we’re committed to a bold new vision of connections,” said Paula Sheppard, Chief Executive Officer, NLOWE. “Our goal is to diversify the pool of suppliers that enterprises choose from, and encourage more women-owned businesses to put themselves forward for large contracts. The talent and skill is there.”

A relatively new concept in Canada, Supplier Diversity programs can be a powerful tool to help enterprises and women-owned businesses alike explore new opportunities for revenue growth. “Supplier Diversity NL will aim to educate both from the corporate side as well as the women-owned business side, in order to promote the effectiveness of supplier diversity programs to both parties,” said Ms. Sheppard, Chief Executive Officer, NLOWE.  

Within Newfoundland and Labrador, many large projects such as Hebron and White Rose Extension have government mandated diversity initiatives in their benefits agreements for the projects.  Additionally there will be increased potential for more opportunities as a result of projected future oil & gas and mining developments on the horizon. Supplier Diversity NL will assist in initiating mutually beneficial connections between corporations and women-owned businesses that may not have happened otherwise.  Now is the time to access opportunities in a broad range of industries including oil and gas, mining, and energy.

For more information, visit www.supplierdiversitynl.com.

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