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Our mastermind groups are non-competitive micro-networks of women entrepreneurs that focus on member success through facilitated peer advising. NLOWE will host mastermind groups throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

So let’s break that down.

Non-competitive: Each mastermind group will have an exclusive, non-competitive membership base, with only one of each type of business. This enables members to speak freely about their business challenges and opportunities.

Micro: The minimum number of members in each group is eight and the maximum is fifteen.

Networks: A mastermind group is a network, but it is not about networking in the traditional sense. This is not a place to develop business leads with other businesses—it is a place to help grow everyone’s business.

Women Entrepreneurs: Only women can join NLOWE mastermind groups. This makes the group a unique place where members can be themselves.

Member Success: Success in a mastermind group is defined in many ways. The primary focus is on business growth (sales, expenses, geography, bottom line, employee engagement, marketing, and more), but we also recognize the importance of personal growth and balancing it with business growth and success.

Facilitated: Each network is facilitated by an NLOWE staff member who has been trained in best practices of running these groups. They are in charge of setting up and running the groups, including managing the meetings, so members get the most value. The facilitator is objective and would not typically share experiences or information in the meeting unless specifically asked.

Peer Advising: When you are among your peers, you are not alone. In a mastermind group you will draw on the experiences and wisdom of your peers (and share your own) on business challenges and opportunities. This encourages members to listen to and learn from each other.

Hosted by NLOWE: You have to be an NLOWE member to participate in a mastermind group.

Throughout Newfoundland & Labrador: NLOWE will be rolling out mastermind groups throughout the province based upon expressed interest. We recognize we are a vast province and many people will have to  travel to attend. Best efforts will be made to accommodate this.

If you are interested in joining an NLOWE mastermind group, please complete the Expression of Interest form and submit it to your regional Growth Advisor/Facilitator.


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Denise Cornick
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Paula Flood
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Betsy Saunders
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Marvella Wells

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