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Whether you are curious about export or you have begun to do business internationally, our Export Consultant can provide assistance. By breaking exporting into steps, we simplify and clarify the process of taking your product or service to the global stage. We provide services at each step in the process, to guide you along the export continuum from curiosity to action.

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Export Curious

You do not know much about exporting but you would like to know more. Your Business Advisor can arrange a meeting with our Export Consultant to discuss your business and exporting goals.

export diagnostic

Export Diagnostic

You are seriously considering exporting. Together with our partners in trade, we work through a detailed analysis of your business capabilities and potential for growth in new markets.

export preperation

Export Preparation

You have identified potential opportunities for export. We will equip you with the general knowledge, information, and training that you will need to explore opportunities internationally.

Export Ready

You are ready to enter a new market. We will help you make the contacts and schedule the meetings that you need to break into the marketplace.

export development

Export Development

You have visited potential new markets and made some great connections. We will help you develop and solidify those relationships and offer support through trade missions and conferences.

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Export Activity

You are an exporter. We will provide you with ongoing assistance and resources to help you grow and maintain a presence in this new market.

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Our export consulting services are free of charge and available to any woman in Newfoundland and Labrador who is interested in entering new markets.
Schedule a meeting today with our Export Consultant to explore opportunities to grow your business internationally.


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Adapted from Export Quiz: Are you ready?, Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting, A Team Canada Inc. Publication

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