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The NLOWE 2021 Conference will take place virtually April 13 - April 29, 2021.

This year's agenda includes two inspiring keynotes, seven engaging workshops, and two bonus networking events over the course of three weeks. This event focuses on inspiring attendees, sharing new ideas, and making valuable connections beyond the keyboard. Learn new skills and techniques that you can put into practice right away to help grow and strengthen your business. 

Themes presented throughout the conference include Business Management & Growth, Leadership and Communications, Branding, Marketing, & Social Media, Productivity & Strategic Thinking, Work Life Balance & Wellness, and Sales & Customer Service. Presentations relevant to the challenges facing women entrepreneurs today. 


This year’s conference will consist of one 60-minute session a day on the Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays during April 13 - 29. Each session starts at 10:00 a.m.

All conference sessions will take place on the Zoom Video Conference Platform.

Full-access passes are available, as well as the option to attend individual workshops and/or keynotes. If you are registered for at least one conference session, you will receive access to our two bonus networking events - April 22 & 29 at 11:00 a.m., directly following that morning's workshop. 

This program schedule is an effort to avoid zoom fatigue, and to allow you to register for individual sessions if unable to attend the full conference.


Full-Access Pass:

NLOWE Members: $100 + HST

Non-Members: $200 + HST


NLOWE Members: $25 + HST

Non-Members: $50 + HST


NLOWE Members: $10 + HST

Non-Members: $20 + HST

Register for the NLOWE 2021 Annual Conference.

NLOWE's 2021 Conference PROGRAM

Week 1

Tuesday, April 13 | 10 AM (NDT)

Opening Keynote

Arlene Dickinson

General Partner, District Ventures Capital

CEO, Venture Communications

Lessons from the Den: Succeeding at Business and Being an Entrepreneur

Can anyone be an entrepreneur? Arlene’s emphatic answer is “Yes.” In this talk, one of Canada’s most high-profile businesswomen distills a lifetime of experience to reveal everything you need to know — and do — to start, to run, and to grow a great business. On stage, she displays a palpable and infectious belief in the entrepreneurial spirit; she reminds us of the major contributions Canadians have made to international business and the entrepreneurial tradition.

Wednesday, April 14 | 10 AM (NDT)


How to Beat Impostor Syndrome and

Build Self-Confidence to Achieve Extraordinary Success

Judit Lovas, Judit Lovas Coaching and Consulting

Do you every feel like a fraud, waiting to be found out by others? Have you ever attributed your success to luck rather than to your abilities? Do you usually sit quietly at important meetings, instead of speaking up and sharing your ideas? Have you always lacked the confidence to start your own business? If you have had these or similar feelings, you are probably dealing with impostor syndrome. But don’t worry: you’re not alone. In this session, participants will identify and analyze their own impostor feelings and practise techniques to not only overcome but even benefit from impostor feelings. Workshop objectives include understanding that feelings of impostor syndrome are normal, being able to identify impostor feelings, gaining tools to overcome impostor syndrome at home and in the workplace, and learning strategies to build the self-confidence you need to succeed.

Thursday, April 15 | 10 AM (NDT)


Marketing Your Business on Instagram in 2021

Olivia Crane, Amplified Social

Attract, engage, and convert on Instagram! Business owners typically have a feeling of missed opportunity when it comes to social media marketing, specifically on Instagram. After this workshop, participants will leave feeling empowered and educated to take action and seize marketing opportunities. Olivia will provide an overview of the power of Instagram, discuss the marketing journey and how it relates to Instagram in 2021, and explore compelling content creation, highlighting strategy and best practices.

Week 2

Tuesday, April 20 | 10 AM (NDT)


Entrepreneurship in the Online World:

A legal perspective

Kristen O'Keefe, Chislett Whitten Law

More and more businesses are delivering services and products online. It is important that the proper legal frameworks are in place to better protect online entrepreneurs and their businesses. In this workshop, lawyer Kristen O’Keefe of Chislett Whitten Law will focus on some of the legal considerations for those operating an online business. Topics covered will include disclaimers, website terms of use, using online agreements, digital signatures, privacy policies, refunds, and more! The intent of the session is to provide information to online business owners so they are better informed of the potential legal issues that may impact their online business. Kristen will also provide practical legal information and tips to help online entrepreneurs better protect themselves and their businesses.

Wednesday, April 21 | 10 AM (NDT)


10 Ways to Create Time for Wellness in Your Busy Day

Alison Butler, Alison Butler Consulting

Business owners are experiencing more stress than ever. As stress increases, we often let wellness practices slide or put them on the back burner. In this session, you will learn how important mental well-being is for business owners, how to build mental and physical well-being into your day, and how to use practical tips to make positive habits stick. Alison will show you how to creatively support your own well-being when it feels as if there is no time, and how to feel motivated and find support when you feel overwhelmed. She takes a frank look at the realities of business ownership and well-being — not simply to say exercise will make you better, but to examine the how and the why. This workshop offers tangible tips and takeaways to support well-being and goals, helps you identify and understand common excuses that get in the way of physical and emotional well-being, and demonstrates how to work through those excuses toward resilience. Get ready to identify your well-being needs and build a list of creative tools to find the unique support you need.

Thursday, April 22 | 10 AM (NDT)


Facebook Lead Ads:

Capture and convert more clients

Krystal Hobbs, Reflective Marketing

Not getting any direct results from your Facebook Ads? If you want to generate a consistent flow of qualified leads — without having to learn landing page software or redesign your website — this session is for you! In this engaging and practical session, Krystal will walk you through her foolproof process for generating potential clients with Facebook Lead Ads. With your new lead generation campaign in place, all you need to do is turn it on whenever you need new business! Workshop objectives include understanding the power of Facebook Lead Ads, exploring the creation of an ad campaign, and nurturing and converting more leads into clients.

Week 3

Tuesday, April 27 | 10 AM (NDT)


Intertwined Success: The process of customer journey mapping and how helping your customers succeed will help you succeed

Mandy Woodland, Jellyfish

Modern-day customers expect a lot from their contact with your business, including consistency across all ways they interact with you. In this workshop, we will work through the process of creating a customer journey map, because a strategic approach to better understanding your customers, and how they interact with your business, is essential. This exercise will help you step into your customers’ shoes and see your brand and your business from their perspective, revealing common customer pain points and how to improve them. You’ll learn how to benchmark and improve customer experience, both to gain new customers and to generate increased loyalty from existing ones. This workshop explains customer experience expectations in 2021 and beyond, using tools like customer journey mapping. You will become confident in measuring and improving customer experience to positively impact your business bottom line, in part by creating content mapped to the customer journey to steer conversations and purchases. Join in to lay the groundwork for meaningful customer interactions and successful business outcomes!

Wednesday, April 28 | 10 AM (NDT)


What Can Strengths-Based Leadership Do for Your Business?

Andrea Dawe Keating, Andrea Dawe Keating Strengths-Based Consulting

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to concepts of strengths-based development and its impact on success. They will learn about the four domains of strength and explore everyday clues to their unique strengths in action. Andrea will explore how to apply natural patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to enhance leadership and entrepreneurial goals, and ultimately to strengthen your business.


Thursday, April 29 | 10 AM (NDT)

Closing Keynote

Charlene Brophy

President and CEO, FONEMED

Managing Business Growth in the Midst of a Pandemic

Charlene Brophy is President and CEO of FONEMED, an international telemedicine company offering a patient-centered platform that incorporates technology and disease-specific algorithms as well as telemedicine support and remote biometric monitoring to over 2300 client groups and 25 million individuals globally. Charlene has brought her hands-on knowledge of our health care system into developing countries and communities that otherwise would not have access to medical care. Today, FONEMED has more than 250 employees in Newfoundland and Labrador alone, with many more in the US and several international health contact centres. 

Charlene was awarded NLOWE’s Entrepreneurial  Excellence Award in November 2020.  She has also been the recipient of four Business Excellence Awards from The St. John's Board of Trade. She was awarded the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Innovator of the Year by Atlantic Business Magazine in 2017 and recognized in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 as one of the Top 50 CEO’s in Atlantic Canada.  

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