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The NLOWE 2021 Conference will take place virtually April 13 - April 29, 2021.

There is only one provincial event each year focused specifically on women in business, and this is it!

We are thrilled to announce NLOWE's 2021 Annual Conference Presenters. This year's agenda includes two inspiring keynotes, seven engaging workshops, and two bonus networking events. 

Meet NLOWE's 2021 Conference Presenters

Week 1

Tuesday, April 13 | 10 AM (NDT)

Opening Keynote

Lessons from the Den: Succeeding at Business and Being an Entrepreneur

Arlene Dickinson

General Partner, District Ventures Capital

CEO, Venture Communications

Learn more about Arlene.

Wednesday, April 14 | 10 AM (NDT)


How to Beat Impostor Syndrome and Build Self-Confidence to Achieve Extraordinary Success

Judit Lovas

Judit Lovas Coaching and Consulting

Learn more about Judit.

Thursday, April 15 | 10 AM (NDT)


Marketing Your Business on Instagram in 2021

Olivia Crane 

Amplified Social

Learn more about Olivia.

Week 2

Tuesday, April 20 | 10 AM (NDT)


Entrepreneurship in the Online World: A legal perspective

Kristen O'Keefe

Chislett Whitten Law

Learn more about Kristen.

Wednesday, April 21 | 10 AM (NDT)


10 Ways to Create Time for Wellness in Your Busy Day

Alison Butler

Alison Butler Consulting

Learn more about Alison.

Thursday, April 22 | 10 AM (NDT)


Facebook Lead Ads: Capture and convert more clients

Krystal Hobbs

Reflective Marketing

Learn more about Krystal.

Week 3

Tuesday, April 27 | 10 AM (NDT)


Intertwined Success: The process of customer journey mapping and how helping your customers succeed will help you succeed

Mandy Woodland


Learn more about Mandy.

Wednesday, April 28 | 10 AM (NDT)


What Can Strengths-Based Leadership Do for Your Business?

Andrea Dawe Keating

Andrea Dawe Keating Strengths-Based Consulting

Learn more about Andrea.

Thursday, April 29 | 10 AM (NDT)

Closing Keynote

Managing Business Growth in the Midst of a Pandemic

Charlene Brophy

President and CEO of FONEMED

Learn more about Charlene.

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