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SEA Program

Are you looking for support in starting your own business?

You may be eligible for the Self-Employment Assistance (SEA) program offered by the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour.

The SEA program has been established to provide assistance to individuals who are unemployed and who have difficulty finding sustainable employment to create their own job by establishing a business. The program is designed to give you the time and resources necessary to complete a business plan and to put that plan into action.

You are eligible for the SEA program if you are an unemployed individual:
  • Who has a current EI claim; or
  • Whose EI benefit period ended within the last three (3) years; or
  • Who has established a benefit period within the past five (5) years prior to the date of requesting assistance, was paid parental or maternity benefits, and are re-entering the labour force after having left it in order to care for a newborn or newly adopted child.

Other criteria may apply.

NLOWE delivers this program on behalf of the provincial government by assisting future women business owners through the assessment phase and application process as well as providing post-approval support. 

If approved, you will be expected to work on your business plan full-time for a 10-week period and submit your plan to a NLOWE SEA Coordinator for review. You may then receive a recommendation for a further 42 weeks of additional support to establish your business. If you have completed a business plan, then you can apply for a full 52 weeks of support. 

For more information about the SEA program and a full assessment of your eligibility, contact a Business Start-up Advisor in your region.

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